Most people don’t have the skills to make their document look as good as the designer’s sample.
That’s where I come in.


My name is Shayla, I specialise in converting designs or brand guidelines into intuitive branded Microsoft Office templates. I take an approved design or concept and develop it into reusable user friendly template. 

Advanced Microsoft Office templates can help you cut down the time you spend at the keyboard by automating repetitive tasks with customised pop-up forms and in-built user tools. Easily produce stunning consistently formatted documents with minimal effort.

If you have a major branding or rebranding project,  I can help you get a handle on rebranding and formatting large volumes and varieties of documents. I’ll work with you and your design team to standardise document formatting or even just help control those unruly Microsoft documents.


Microsoft Office Templates

Easy to use Microsoft Office templates to represent your brand identity consistently throughout your digital stationery.

Document Formatting

Complete document formatting services to complement re-brands or tidy up formatting before print, distribution or presenting.

PowerPoint Templates

Repair unstable documents, convert lost files from PDF’s or scans back into formatted editable documents.

VBA Automation & Addins

Customised VBA functionality to automate repetitive tasks with convenient pop-up user forms and custom Microsoft Ribbons.

Who can I help?

My services can benefit anyone needing a solution for simple, or complex document formatting and presentations. Whether you have time constraints, need professional assistance, document organisation or even just a task you are unfamiliar with in Microsoft Office I can help!

Brand agencies
& Studios

Leave the implementation to me

You provide the artwork, and I’ll take care of the rest. 

You’ve created a great brand which your client loves. You develop the identity, build the website, print the brochures and then those dreaded words…

“Can we have that in Word and PowerPoint?”

Automatic conversion tools just don’t cut it and can be a disaster waiting to happen. You’ll likely end up spending more time removing unwanted section breaks, fixing headers and footers, page numbering, and battle with a difficult layout which make any text changes a complete headache.

Building Microsoft Office templates is my speciality. I’ll transform your creative ideas into easy-to-use branded Microsoft Templates to make it simple for users to work smarter and effortlessly produce documents that truly embrace your designs.

Businesses & Brand managers

Your brand book, made easy

Revive and standardise your branded documents.

The last thing you need to deal with is your valuable brand diluted with poorly formatted documents and proposals.

Integrate your brand book into Word and PowerPoint  – bringing your styled elements into a click of a button. Carefully crafted Word templates that harness powerful features, can make document creation easier and straight forward for even less experienced users.

All margins, colours, fonts, titles, layouts and key elements your design team have laboured over, brought into user-friendly Microsoft Template.

 Enhance documents with custom Add-ins and VBA Automation to create powerful intuitive wizards and buttons so the more complex tasks are done automatically.

Documents are ultimately more structured and consistent – so that critical report is less likely to be completely off the rails come crunch time.

Brands I’ve worked with directly or via their chosen Design Studio

What do Clients Say?

Shayla developed a great Word template for dandolo partners, suggesting innovative tools that are straightforward to use, but make our work look fantastic.

Lotti O’Dea, Dandolo Partners

Her ability to shape the templates into exactly what you want is impressive, to say the least.

Debra Jason
Head of Brand Communications Maxwell Forrest

Shayla’s technical skills are excellent and she went above and beyond to ensure we were able to successfully launch the templates across three states.

Krista Murphy,
Marketing Manager, Ethos Urban



Implement your brand book with professional Microsoft Office Templates

User-friendly Word and PowerPoint templates are essential business tools. Whether you need to create complex reports which take months to research and compile, or your daily documents which need to be completed within a couple of hours, I can work with you to build Microsoft templates to suit your needs and cut down the hours you spend at the keyboard.

Macro driven WYSIWYG buttons, menus and dialog boxes simplify the formatting. With no more than a basic knowledge of Word, you can build long and complex documents without the headache while automatically applying the most exacting branding and formatting specs with only a few mouse clicks.




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