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Microsoft Words proofing tools can help you produce professional, error free documents. The Sspelling and Grammar feature can help you quickly find spelling and grammar mistakes in the document.

Spelling & Grammar check

The Spelling & Grammar button can be found on the Review tab or by pressing F7 on the keyboard.

The Spelling and Grammar review pane will appear and will display each error in the document for review.

Word will offer suggestions to correct the errors in the document.
Ignore the error or click Change to correct it to one of the suggestions.

Ignore: Skips the error without changing it.
Ignore All: Skips all instances of the same error without changing it.
Add: Approves the word and adds it to the dictionary.
Change: Changes the current word to the selected suggested word.
Change All: Changes all instances of the highlighted error to the selected suggestion.

After the last error, a dialog box will appear to confirm that the spelling and grammar check is complete.

Automatic proofing options

To configure Words proofing options, go to File > Options > Proofing

Turn off automatic spell check: Untick Check spelling as you type and Mark grammar errors as you type. This will remove the red squiggles under words it thinks are mis-spelled.

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Recheck Document will ‘forget’ any approved or rejected spelling mistakes, and re-highlight suggested errors.

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