About me


My name is Shayla and I know Microsoft Word inside and out. I’m quite stubborn when it comes to problem solving, if I know there is a more efficent way to do something, I’ll try to make it work or lose sleep over it!  Normally based in Melbourne on the beautiful Mornington Penninsula, however as a military family we move alot. Currently I call Sydney home.


What do I know?

I create Microsoft templates and I have a shiny certification from Microsoft which proves I know some (OK, a lot) of stuff about Word and Microsoft Office. I know how people use documents, the mistakes they make, and how to fix them quickly which help me create some really cool templates.


What else do I do?

Most of the time I’m very ‘left brain’ and in my free time I can be found tinkering with some code or a DIY project. I love a challenge, and love to learn, I don’t let a problem defeat me. When I switch that side off, I dabble with photography, although some say I have too many photos of my adorably photogenic british bulldogs!


What can I do for you?

I strongly believe that communication is the key to a successful project. As a sole trader, I take pride in completing all the work myself, so you can be assured of consistency, quality and confidentiality in every stage of the project.


What next?

Do you have a brilliantly vast idea, but you’re not sure it’s even possible? Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.