Generally the time it takes to complete a template varies depending on the on the type of document, layout, state of any originals, and the degree of automation involved.

We’ll send you a quote based on what we know (so the more you can tell us the better) and if you’re not quite sure if what you have in mind is possible, float your idea by us anyway.

Microsoft Office Templates

Most of the time a PDF of the design is enough to get a rough idea and a quote together. Let us know if you intend to include custom VBA and combine multiple elements such as extra cover pages, address blocks and disclaimers. Get in touch, and we’ll advise on a cost-effective approach and options to suit your budget.

Document Formatting

When determining how long document formatting might take, many variables may be involved such as the current formatting of the source content, amount of charts, diagrams and tables, and the layout and destination – the desired end look and feel of the document. Sending the original file (such as a Word Document or PowerPoint presentation) along with a PDF and any existing brand guidelines or templates can help us give a more accurate quote.

VBA Automation

We understand sometimes it’s hard to know what you want, if the concept is new to you and you don’t know what’s possible to automate. Generally anything that is possible, is more than likely possible to automate with custom VBA automation. Email us with your ideas and questions and we’ll get back to you with some suggestions.

What software?

When you open files built on a PC version of Microsoft Office, they may not always look the same as when you open it on a Mac and vice versa. We’ll set up your document or templates suited for your preferred software. Tell us what you use so you can be rest assured things look and function as they are supposed to.

Other information we would love to know:

  • Are you are using a Mac or a PC?
  • What version of Microsoft Office?
  • Are you using Keynote, Pages, Prezi?
We will respond to any questions pretty quickly, but otherwise you’ll hear back from us within 48 hours. If we have enough information we issue a quote and expected delivery time.
When issuing a quotation we will state the expected delivery dates. If this isn’t quick enough, let us know and we will see what we can do to help. Tighter deadlines may require us to rearrange schedules or work out of hours so an additional rush fee (30%, 50%, or 100% depending on speed) will be itemised in the initial quotation.
We believe they are as safe as they can be! All documents are kept safely and securely and the content is never shared with third parties. We use encrypted file storage with award-winning security software and take every effort to ensure the privacy of our clients’ information.


We will normally tell you what files we need in our quote before we get started.
As a standard rule, we usually ask for the final files and artwork files along with a PDF for quality and consistency checking. We want to make sure the standard of our finished work, is what you expected. If you are using custom fonts, we will need a copy of the exact font file also.

Generally it’s always helpful to supply any brand guidelines so we can make sure your files tick all the boxes.

You can check standard fonts included with Microsoft Office software by viewing Microsofts product typography page for Microsoft Office and selecting the software product to view the font list.

Send across your style guide and we will make sure all fonts, colours and branding specifications are met and are consistent across your stationery suite.
We respect that you may already have templates. If you want to give them a little more oomph, send them across and we’ll advise how we can add value to your existing template suite while fixing any annoying issues you might be having.
In short: no. We focus on the look and layout of the document, not the text. In some cases we may ensure the headings look the same, i.e. as all headings are uppercase, or are punctuated properly, and we will make sure tables appear consistent along with any figure captions.
We believe we should stick to what we know – creating great consistent documents and templates.
We leave the proofreading to you, but if we spot a typo we will let you know!

To make sure your documents look and function properly to we have many different versions of software. So let us know what you use so we can make sure your files work to their optimum ability. We also use Adobe Creative Cloud and other special programming software and tools.

Some software we use:

  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Microsoft Office 2008
  • Microsoft Office 2011
  • Microsoft Office 2013
  • Keynote
  • Pages
  • Prezi


We will send you any final Microsoft Office files including a PDF example. For templates and VBA automation, an instruction sheet will be provided detailing how to install, and use the new functionality. With complex custom systems we may suggest a video tutorial explaining the many functions.
We issue an invoice when we have finished the project, which will be due 14 days from the date of issue. More information can be found in our Terms & Conditions.
No problem. If development has commenced we may issue an invoice for the time spent. More information can be found in our Terms & Conditions page.


Sure! We are happy to handle any minor edits free of charge. Additionally should any automation errors occur, we are happy to fix these for up to 1 calendar month. We believe this is sufficient time for the functionality to be thoroughly used and tested. More information can be found on our Terms & Conditions page.

The easiest way to tell us your changes is to use the comments feature in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

On an open PDF, you can place comment notes on the exact locations you want changed or you can highlight text. This method can save you time and helps us interpret your requests more quickly and accurately.

Alternatively, if you want to describe your changes in an email, that’s fine too. Whenever possible, it’s always helpful to provide screenshots to better understand your change requests.

Watch this short video to learn how to work with Adobe Readers markup tools.